Study: Gays & Straights Are Equally Committed

Studies show that gay couples are happy and committed.

A study done by a researcher (Glenn Roisman) at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana showed that heterosexual and homosexual couples are just as happy and committed in relationships. Roisman compared 30 male gay couples, 30 female gay couples, and 90 heterosexual couples in various Love Stages (dating, engaged, married). The studied showed that as all couples committed themselves more to a relationship working through conflict becomes easier.

A second study from some big brains at University of Washington, San Diego State University and the University of Vermont compared legally bound homosexual couples (male and female civil unions) with married straight couples and dating homosexual couples. Their data showed that the gay couples are generally happier (It turns out that ‘gay’ is a synonym for happy. Whereas ‘straight’ basically means okay in slang. So, linguistically, this is a slam dunk.) but the legally bound couples are more likely to remain in a relationship. Both of these studies will be published in Developmental Psychology.

The first study is right in line with another one we mentioned about gays being ‘closer’ than straights (check out that Dish). And it makes sense that couples in sanctioned relationships are less likely to breakup. It’s a pain to get civilly united. And it’s a pain to get civilly uncoupled. They should have thrown in a fourth group of breeders that are dating but not committed. Some of this flies in the face of ‘conventional’ wisdom. It’s often said that gay relationships (particularly the dudes) are a little turbulent. Who knows anymore? Jerry Seinfeld thinks that the best reason to get into a gay relationship is to share clothes. We wonder if that’s what’s keeping these committed gays together. There was also a recent study about children not making people happier (check that Dish here). Maybe gay couples are happier because they really have to want to have kids. Their options are all pretty complicated; adopt, kidnap, or call David Crosby (note: a ‘call to David Crosby’ is a stand-in for any insemination process). Or maybe it is impossible to use surveys to make blanket statements about massive groups like heterosexuals and homosexuals. Particularly in comparison to one another.

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