Why We Love

Why We Love

The science behind the romance.

Time put out a stellar issue on the science of romance, full of all sorts of good stuff. Here, the Cliffs Notes version of their "Why We Love" article:

  • Men prefer large breasts and a low waist-to-hip ration, which indicate fertility. Push that baby out!
  • Women look for men with muscular shoulders, broad chests, and a full beard, which are signs of strength and virility (and better providers for off-spring).
  • Kissing could be a literal taste test for potential mates: Saliva has a compound that influences tissue rejection. Translation: You body can detect whether your kissing partner’s genetic makeup is too similar to yours, thus turning you off.
  • Giving it up too soon (first date, yes, definitely too soon) could show your mate that you don’t have valuable genes. Those who hold off on sex are more likely to possess better DNA with which to join forces and make a super-baby.

Okay, I know, this isn’t pillow talk, but it is kind of fascinating. I’ll leave you with one last tidbit, this one on breaking up:

  • If your BF/GF does the breaking up, you’ll most likely feel rejected. The rejection triggers areas of the brain that control addiction, which might make you appear a bit obsessive/delusional/relentless about being dumped. This behavior in turn reassures the dumper that he/she made the right decision and accelerates the moving-on process. See, you’re supposed the get all crazy!

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