British Men Are Fed Up Being Single

They are even less happy than single British gals. It's a new day.

According to a survey of Western Europeans, English men are the least happy about being single. The study showed that UK women could stand singlehood more. They are also emerging independent sentiment among surveyed women. And it could count for some of what ails single men.

In a study of 13,000 Western Europeans it was revealed that more British men are unhappy about their single status than any of the other groups. Of the British men surveyed, 38% of them were unhappy about their single status and half of them hadn’t found anyone special in three years. Maybe part of this can be attributed to new views on gender roles. Or maybe the decline in the British marriage rate is the problem. Women surveyed are looking for a man to be a partner and are not necessarily into traditional roles. 20% of women felt that lack of confidence prevented them from getting dates and 50% of men did. This is a little surprising. After learning that the average British woman’s bra size has increased from 34 B to 36 C (see that Dish), we figured it would be a great time to be a single dude in the UK. Especially with all of the boozing going on over there. Not the case, according to the study. We wonder if some dudes just don’t know what to make of the shifting gender roles. Or it could be that the study was done by PARSHIP, an online matchmaking service. Perhaps the dudes over there still have a bit of a stigma about online dating. And maybe the dudes that don’t have a stigma are the most desperate. Or are preconditioned for loneliness. Or it could be, to paraphrase Three 6 Mafia, “hard out there for a Brit.” Read more about this sort of survey at The Daily Express