Saudi King To Decide If Woman ‘Married Beneath Her’


A marriage was annulled and now it's up to the king to say if that was right.

A Saudi couple recently had their marriage annulled in absentia because her family felt that she married below her station. The couple was forcibly separated by policemen. The couple is suing to get a better ruling. And now they’ve enlisted a human rights group to help their cause. The case is now due to be decided by the King.

While it’s good that that King Abdullah is getting involved, it sounds like things need to move a little more quickly. The couple has been forced to live separately and the wife is contemplating suicide if the King does not rule in her favor.

Evidently, the Saudi legal system is a little tricky to navigate and decisions are largely based on the whims of the judge. We’re betting that the appeals process is a nightmare too. The whole suicide part makes this particularly tough. Living over here, we sometimes forget that there are places on Earth where one guy is supreme ruler. And the criterion for this person’s selection is based on genetics and his ability to survive family infighting. Maybe it’s not that different here (Hey!). Kidding, we don’t select people for life (except the Supreme Court).

If this couple does make it back together, is it a victory for modernization? Is this a modern-day Saudi version of Romeo And Juliet? And does anyone ever really marry a guy that's good enough for their parents?

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