Jenna Bush Has A Wedding Date, Place, Future Spouse

Jenna Bush Has A Wedding Date, Place, Future Spouse

One of the president's daughters is going to get hitched in the spring.

According to the LA Times, and almost every other credible news outlet, Jenna Bush has a date and a location for her wedding. In case you forgot, she’s getting married to Henry Hager, a 29-year old former intern to Carl Rove. The place is the family’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The date is May 10th. The two have been engaged since he proposed on the 15th of August. That’s a solid 9 months, this better be a top-notch wedding. We’ve invaded countries with far less warning. Shock and awe, indeedy.

Rumor has it that Henry asked the Bush’s for permission to marry Jenna and they helped plan the proposal. We envision W reacting thusly, “Why Henry that’s a great idea. Always wanted a son. I see something of myself in you. It could be the squinty eyes or it could be the compassionativity. Hey, let me ask you this: you want both of ‘em? The hard work is already done. Jenna’s the tough tiger to tame. Barb’ll be a pushover. This is the deal of the century. I don’t know tell ‘em you got a twin whose name is, uh, Harry. I just ask that you think it over.”

Some people are a little surprised that this wedding isn’t going to take place at the White House. Maybe it’s too much of a pain in the keister for all of those guests with security concerns and helicopters and whatnot. And have you stayed in a DC hotel? Expensive much?

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