Gossip, Girl: Blake Lively Not Dating Penn Badgley


The Gossip Girls stars claim to not be a real life item.

According to Blake Lively, through an interview with People, she and Penn Badgley are just friends. Not to sound too much like Perez Hilton, but if you don’t know who these dudes are, you should. They are two of the stars of the CW’s Gossip Girl. It’s a lovely follow up to Josh Schwartz’s The OC about ultra-wealthy people living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and their spoiled kids. Lively plays Serena  Van der Woodsen, a reformed wild-child Upper East Sider. Badgley plays Dan Humphrey, the class warrior son of a 90’s rock star. They attend a prestigious NYC private school. He’s on scholarship and she’s on thin ice. Seriously, do yourself a favor and at least try it out. We’re pretty sure they’re out of new episodes (grrrrr, writers and studios), ...so they're sure to start airing the older episodes again (Jan 28th).. Honestly, if the people at the CW were into it, we’re pretty sure that they could replace MySpace with some sort of Gossip Girl Live site.

At any rate, these two are an item on the show and have a weird bit of family history. But, according to Lively, this is a strictly on-screen relationship.
End Spoiler!

So, despite being seen together all over NYC (we saw them together in Chelsea a month or so ago) they claim not to be dating. Good enough for us. Uh, we’ve heard of people that like hanging out with and enjoying the company of their coworkers. And doing so after hours. So, it is possible. We guess they’ll remain friends until someone gets pregnant. This appears to be one secret that she'll never tell, xo xo.

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