Are Lipstick Lesbians Just A Myth?

Are Lipstick Lesbians Just A Myth?

Turns out every guy's favorite fantasy may be rarer than a unicorn.

Bisexuality is more than a passing phase says a recent study by the American Psychological Association. In fact, going both ways appears to be a distinct sexual orientation. The study, conducted by Utah psychologist Lisa M. Diamond, PhD, followed 79 non-heterosexual women for over a decade (i.e. long enough to account for any college-age swings of the pendulum), and found that the bisexual women maintained a stable pattern of attraction to both sexes. The research also seemed to debunk Anne Heche Syndrome: in other words, the tendency to seduce and wed a different gender every other week. Rather, the study showed that most bisexual women are interested in, and able to commit to, long-term monogamous relationships. To all the guys out there, sorry, no mention of whether committed bi women are more likely to embrace threesomes. But if you have anecdotal evidence, do write.

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