Sienna Miller Is Not A Home Wrecker

Sienna Miller Is Not A Home Wrecker

Sienna Miller has been linked to a few high-profile breakups, though.

Yowza. On top of the rumor of ruining P-Diddy’s marriage, Sienna Miller is now being linked to Sean Penn. To be fair, the rumors surrounding Sean Penn’s divorce from Robin Wright Penn are legion. One rumor has Robin walking in on Sean in medias res with two Russian gals. Everyone on all sides denies these rumors, though we haven’t heard from the Russians (if they exist). The good news for Penn is that he’s heading the Cannes Film Festival committee this year. Which means he can take out his aggression on a few eager film-makers for making ‘war-mongering, capitalist tripe.’

Sienna Miller denies that anything untoward went down between herself and Penn. She’s currently dating Rhys Ifans. You may remember Rhys Ifans as the hilarious roommate in Notting Hill (didn’t see it) or the ‘wiry’ kicker from Keanu Reeves’ The Replacements (‘accidentally’ watch it every time it’s on TBS). Apparently, he’s smitten. He’s definitely in our top three of people with the name ‘Rhys.’ He’s right after Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Rhys Darby (Murray from Flight Of The Conchords). We’re not suggesting that anything happened between Sienna Miller and Diddy or Sean Penn, but it seems like for such a talented actress you hear way more about her faux pas (calling Pittsburgh $hit$burg) and her off-screen love life (Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, Leo, Josh Hartnett, Jude Law, Jamie Burke, and so forth). We suppose that as long as you’re not getting pulled over with an eight ball of yayo in someone else’s pants, that any pub is probably good pub. But we would like to see her in a great movie (note: Layer Cake was good and we loved her on the brilliant but cancelled Keen Eddie).

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