More Dating Red Flags

More signs that you need to run, not walk, away from a relationship.

One of our all-time most popular articles is "12 Relationship Red Flags" by Michael Shnayerson. He takes readers through character flaws that should set off alarms about any potential mate. Our readers have had some feedback, mostly about ketchup on eggs. And a very imaginative reader (The Purveyor) decided to fill us in on, in his opinion, The Real 12 Red Flags. Enjoy:

Red Flag addendum:
1: Ketchup on eggs is fine. Ketchup on ice cream is an abomination. Run for the hills.

2: Your date’s young boy slamming action figures together with an angry, curled lip is slightly tolerable. When your date’s kid slams two pieces of his own feces together, curled lip and all, make a b-line for the door.

3: Snuffing out a smoke in a piece of pizza crust is a sign of low-class. But when she snuffs a smoke out on her forearm, she might be a rockstar… with an STD.

4: If she passes audible gas at the dinner table, but follows it up with, “Woah, did you see that squirrel on the skateboard?”, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

5: If she reads Perez Hilton, and takes offense when you call him a no talent hack, she’s no good.

6: If she conflates your disdain for the Today Show with being a male chauvinist, show her the door.

7: If he doesn’t vehemently reject the idea of seeing the latest Diane Keaton movie on Friday night of the opening weekend, he’s gay. Total dealbreaker.

8: If he believes “I Want it That Way” by Backstreet Boys is the best-produced pop song of the late 90s… dealbreaker.

9: If he or she ever uses the phrase “I’m kind of a big deal,” tell them the deal is done because, “it is what it is”.

10: If she can’t articulate her dislike for Hillary Clinton beyond regurgitated talking points from pundits? Done.

11: If she’s voting for Barack Obama because she thinks he’s cute? Revoke her voter registration card and show her the door.

12: If she pays $200 for a haircut and her hair doesn’t look any different than it did when you last saw her? Throw a sawbuck on the table and hightail it out of the restaurant.

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