Eddie Murphy And Tracey Edmonds Split Ways

Eddie Murphy And Tracey Edmonds Split Ways

Murphy and Edmonds separate after two weeks of symbolic marriage.

It seems like just yesterday when Eddie Murphy was in Tahiti with Tracey Edmonds (see that Dish). And they were in love and getting married. Well, it wasn't yesterday. It was a fortnight ago, and it's old news. Apparently, the two never bothered to make it official with American paperwork, so it's not really a divorce. Which is nice, it saves everyone time and heartbreak not having to annul it or whatever people do when they decide getting married was a bad idea.

This may seem a touch, well, cynical, but did this thing of theirs ever stand a real chance of working? Didn't they get together as rebounds? He was definitely spinning out of the Mel B situation and maybe she was still hung up on Babyface.

Anyone that had 'slightly over two weeks' in the pool should expect a check any day. What a bummer. The good news is that guests all should get their gifts back. And Tracey and Eddie decided that they will remain friends. And who couldn't use another friend? We hope that she didn't bring up The Adventures Of Pluto Nash when they were fighting. That's hitting below the belt.