Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers’ Lives

Wedding Video Studio Ruins Customers Lives

A video studio accepted money, did weddings, and went out of business.

This means war! A wedding studio with a ‘snazzy website’ recently went belly up. This is well and good, obviously there was something wrong with their operation and it’s good to get inefficiency out of the market. Now the downside, they still have people’s money and, more importantly, their videos and photos. And they’re not returning anyone’s phone calls.

Basically, Celebrations Studios had locations in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania (not sure if all are corporate or if they're franchises). And they’re all out-of-business. Calls there result in phone company messages to the effect of “this number has been disconnected.” And customers that actually got through to individuals often got word that their money and photos are probably gone. Ugh. There are three sets of photos that are sacred: wedding pics, baby/childhood images, and those pictures you got with Bruce Willis at the Republican National Convention. And someone has made an enemy for life if you mess with any of those.

In retrospect, Celebration Studios had a history of dissatisfied customers. There had dozens of complaints about them to the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey and consumer watchdog groups. Our guess is that it was the groom’s job to vet most of these places. This could end in a handful of divorces. Honestly, the photos and videos are sacred. Almost anything else can go wrong as long as the documentation is okay. We estimate that only 10% of brides would fall into the Bridezilla category. And we’re pretty sure that they would rip someone’s face off for this. Thank goodness that you probably don’t even realize that there’s a problem until after the honeymoon.

Let this be a cautionary tale. It reminds us of another Dish where an aggrieved bride is suing a florist for screwing up her wedding and ruining everyone’s lives.

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