Divorce-For-Sale Scheme In Miami Foiled

County clerk sold quickie divorces.


A clerk at a Miami-Dade county office ran a scheme giving quickie divorces to people that didn’t have lawyers. Essentially, she took $670 from couples, used $364 for the filing fees, and kept the rest. She falsified and forged documents and used high-placed friends to grease the wheels of justice. The investigation is ongoing and prosecutors expect to snare a bunch of complicit individuals.

Don’t get it twisted, the Dish (and Tango) are firmly on the side of law and order. Without rules and regulations, it would be chaos. Look at Tijuana. But other than pocketing bribes and forging documents, what did this lady really do wrong? Sure, we’d appreciate people not getting divorced. That would be wonderful. But after people decide to get divorced and decide that they don’t need legal representation, shouldn’t it be pretty easy? This is opinion based on nothing, but we don’t think that the difficulty of getting divorced is really much of impediment to making the decision to get divorced. If TV is any indication, the real impediment to getting divorced is living a lower standard of living or being alone and ruining your kids’ lives. We think that Texas has a decent plan (). Essentially, divorces are quick and cheap in Texas if the couple takes a counseling class to try to work it out. Maybe getting married should be harder. But some yahoo in Fort Lauderdale would probably just have some sort of quickie wedding con.

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