Italy OKs Secret Sex Tapes


A court says it's OK to record sex sessions without a partners consent.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corp, an Italian court has ruled that it is not illegal to surreptitiously record your own lovemaking sessions. A couple used a video camera to project images of themselves copulating on the bedroom wall while copulating. “Basically, what you see now is happening now.”

The woman was under the misapprehension that the images were just being projected -- not recorded. Upon breaking up, the man gave the recordings to the woman. Evidently, she did not take too kindly to this action.

The man was sentenced to four months in prison by two separate courts. The third court found no criminality in his act provided that he did not distribute to other people.

We’ve got a few rules for explicit recordings:
A) Expect any photo or video of nudity or sex to wind up on the interweb. We’re living in a ‘World Gone Wild.’
B) If you choose to ignore Rule A, maintain total control over all illicit material. No one can be trusted. Learn from Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, et al. Though it did actually benefit their careers. Fine, ignore rules A & B if you’re a celebrity or aspiring celebrity.
C) Look your best. Chances are you’re going to watch these tapes again and you’ll be totally critical of any flaws. We suggest that you spend a few weeks in the gym before any taping. Also, don’t be too critical. The quality of the lighting and the cinematography are probably going to be below professional quality.

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