Susan Deutscher & Tom Quinn

To some, late nights in the lab might not sound romantic, but for Tom Quinn and Susan Deutscher, it was the perfect prescription for l’amour. The two researchers found love among the microscopes and beakers while in graduate school and haven’t stopped learning from each other since. In fact, the now-married scientists, along with a third researcher, Ed Sauter, are currently developing a promising new, noninvasive way to screen for breast cancer. The test detects carbohydrates that are present in people who have cancer and—here’s the biggie—eventually, it can be packaged as a home kit for everyday folks to use. If they succeed (they expect FDA approval within three to five years), thousands of cancer victims will have a better chance of surviving, and it would all be because of their partnership. The power of love, indeed.

Honeymoon Horror: Their first moments as a married couple weren’t exactly blissful. A tropical storm hit St. Vincent, their honeymoon spot, and left them clinging to a palm tree together for hours, waiting to be rescued. “It was a test of love, and we made it,” says Deutscher. Lucky for all of us!

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