Couples We Love: Elizabeth Gilbert & Felipe

It's rare to read a love story that really hits you in the gut, leaving you breathless and wanting more. It's even more rare when, long after you've reluctantly closed the book, you're given an unexpected, thrilling epilogue. That's just what happened with Elizabeth Gilbert and her best-selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love, about her post-divorce travels around the world to find herself. In the book, Gilbert falls for an older Brazilian man, identified only as "Felipe." The story ends there, but their love lives on. In spring 2007, Gilbert married "Felipe"—and millions of fans sighed a collective "Awww…" Her next literary project? "A memoir called Weddings and Evictions about my unexpected journey into second marriage," said Gilbert. This memoir eventually evolved into Committed, released in January 2010.

Joint Adventure: Devoted globetrotters, Gilbert and "Felipe" own a store that sells all the beautiful objects they've collected from their travels. "We named our business 'Two Buttons' because a priest in Laos told us that we had so much love for life that we needed nothing more than two buttons in our pockets to get by in the world," reads their website, "Actually, sometimes we have gotten by on only one button."

Read about Elizabeth's new book, Committed, here.

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