Tina Fey & Jeff Richmond

Ever wonder what the soundtrack to your life would be? Tina Fey doesn’t have to: All she has to do is ask, and Jeff Richmond, her own personal composer and hubby of six years, will likely whip up something just right. The two are in synch personally and professionally: he was a composer for Saturday Night Live when Fey was its head writer, and now he works as a composer and producer for 30 Rock, the critically-lauded sitcom created by and starring Fey. Both of them, in fact, were nominated for Emmys this year. She didn’t win Best Actress, and he didn’t win Best Theme Song, but they still got the last laugh: 30 Rock, their “labor of love,” as Fey has called it, won Best Comedy.

Fact or Fiction? “[She’s] basically me,” Fey said of Liz Lemon, her character on 30 Rock, “except I left her single, because my husband said he would kill me if I made him a comedy character. But other than that, she’s me. She’s overly obedient and hardworking, but maybe not the most adventurous or ambitious person.”

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