Did Nicolas Sarkozy Get Married On Thursday?


According to a small French newspaper, the country’s president Nicolas Sarkozy got hitched to super model-cum-singer Carla Bruni last Thursday. This has been an absolute whirlwind of a romance. The president was divorced in the middle of October, confirmed that he was dating Bruni in December, evaded engagement rumors in early January and now is possibly, probably married. And, true to his word, we in the media were the last to know. The trick to keeping the media in the dark is to get married on a weekday. We never see that one coming. Also, getting married at a small venue is pretty sneaky. And not inviting the media to cover it is bordering on diabolical. We’re not experts on politics, but with all of the pub that he’s getting, we’re pretty sure that he could beat Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, and possibly Mike Huckabee in a race for the American presidency. We’re wondering if part of the Bruni relationship is an effort to ingratiate himself with America. Sure, she’s Italian, but there’s something so racy about it that he had to know that we Americans would eat it up. I think we’re all just trying to concoct similar scenarios in American politics. Like if President Bush got divorced and married Heather Locklear. Or Hillary Clinton kicked Bill to the curb and shacked up with Warren Beatty. Crazy.

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