Study: Straights Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Gays


A study shows that gay couples are often closer than straights.

In a study by the Rockway Institute and Alliant International University showed that gay couples are often closer than straights. And the lack of traditional gender roles often lead to a greater balance of power and a more equitable division of labor. The study goes on to say that while homosexual couples tend to be closer than straights, lesbians are closer than gay men.

The UPI article that we grabbed this research from doesn’t go into any details about how these conclusions were reached but we assume that no one had any hidden agendas and we should take everything at face value without over-thinking it. Furthermore, this does sort of make sense. Think about living with a really good roommate (or hunting buddy or shopping friend). Sure you may have fought, but if it was a good friendship and a chore wheel of some kind everything went pretty smoothly. Sometimes you’d come home from the bar and watch a rerun of SNL and laugh and then get up in time to watch Meet The Press and laugh. Now imagine that you got to (and wanted to) have sex that person. Yeah, weird, Mike Honcho. Maybe this study should have included best friends, like lifelong bromances. I'm thinking that JD and Turk from Scrubs could teach most couples a thing or three.

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