Matchmaking: The New National Pastime?

Matchmaking: The New National Pastime?

A new feature on lets you shop for men—for your friends!

For the record, I'm in a relationship. So how did I spend hours of my weekend perusing the cute and not-so-cute prospects—between the ages of 30 and 40, within 50 miles of Portland, Maine—on Simple, I was helping a friend in need.

With their newly launched match-a-friend program, invites you to do the heavy lifting for pals who may be flirting with the idea of online dating, but still harbor latent doubts. You know, those who seize up at the thought of profile-writing. The ones who have no cute pictures. And the friends who will use any pretext to prevent them from actual meeting eligible guys. Ahem.

Now, the rest of us who have already climbed out of the dating pool and toweled off, can dip a toe back in—while helping the foot-draggers. With this service, you can write a friend's headline. Hell, you can write her whole profile. Then upload a picture, and act as her personal shopper.

The surprising bonus: Picking out guys for your friends is fun! Even my boyfriend got in on the act, and we—midwesterners-turned-city-slickers—marveled that every man in Portland seemed to be a master woodworker. (Hello!? Did my friend not know she was living in the land of Men With Good Hands?)

I browsed for a while, and finally emailed her the profile of Maine's answer to Aiden: a cute, dark-curly-haired, construction-company owner who was looking forward to taking his company green. Now, I'm content to sit back and live vicariously through her dating life. So I hope he emails her. And not only because I 'm dying to know how he escaped from a cult.