Republicans Have More Sex

The survey also contains a few other Blue State/ Red State sexual tid bits.

In a new poll conducted for Playboy, it was revealed that 55% of Republicans have sex once per week compared to 43% of Democrats. A survey of 900 registered and likely voters revealed some pretty interesting facts. Like the fact Republicans, Democrats, and independents were 18.4 years old, 17.5 years old, and 17.6 years old, respectively, when they lost their virginity. And finally, 51 % of GOPers and 67% of Dems have watched porn with their lover.

Finally, the truth. Republicans are a bunch of late-blooming fornicators largely without DVD players. We’re pretty sure that if we’d only listened a little more carefully, that the mainstream media would have filled us in on that. Or maybe we’re reading this incorrectly. Maybe Democrats are too busy watching porn to have sex and are frankly sexually scarred because they lost their virginity so young. Or the most likely case: It’s impossible to do a survey that accurately characterizes someone’s sexual characteristics based exclusively on their political affiliation when only 900 people were surveyed. Good stuff, nonetheless.

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