Civil Unions In New Hampshire


Since the law went into effect on Jan 1 nearly 100 couples have been joined.

On January 1st, civil unions became a reality in New Hampshire. And in the two weeks hence, nearly 100 couples have gotten together. This was a no-brainer for the state whose motto is “Live Free Or Die.” Some 183 licenses have been issued since the office opened on December 10th. One hundred and seventy-one of them were issued to New Hampshire residents.

We’re actually a little surprised that they’re allowing out-of-staters any chance for a civil union. There have been two high-profile divorce cases involving lesbians in Oklahoma (click to see that Dish) and Rhode Island (click to see that one). It seems like opening New Hampshire civil unions to non-residents is a headache waiting to happen. We’re a little surprised that these unions were not more of a topic during last week’s New Hampshire primaries. We just hope that no one decides to prove Rick Santorum right by letting gay marriage be the gateway union to human-dog nuptials. There would be egg-aplenty on everyone’s face then. Except for the bestiality crowd. They’d be psyched.

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