10 Ways to Mend a Broken Heart


Surviving a breakup? Here are Tango's top picks to get you through the rough patch.

Whether you're thinking of calling it quits or you just had your heart broken - you're not alone. Here are some of our favorite break up Band-Aids.

1. Marrying Mr. Wrong

Isabel Rose reveals relationship red flags that shouldn't be ignored.

2. Survive Your Romantic Hangover

The best ways to deal with love's emotional and physical hangovers.

3. Five New Fragrances Proven to Turn Men On

Find out what natural aromas feed into his desire.

4. Portrait of a 21st-Century Spinster

Today’s “old maid” isn’t obsessed with her single status. She revels in it.

5. Is Having Sex with Your Ex Ok?

Can being physically intimate with an ex hold you back from moving on?

6. Hook up hotspot? Work?

The new rules of office romance, explained.

7. Maria Bello's Anti-Marriage Vows

Sexy, Smart and successfully single – is this the new spinster?

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