‘Life Is Short, Get A Divorce’ Lawyer Also Racy Model

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‘Life Is Short, Get A Divorce’ Lawyer Also Racy Model

This sexy lawyer has a few other tricks up her sleeve, like a Playboy job.

A Chicago-area lawyer named Corri Fetman has made waves with a sensuous billboard campaign. Fetman’s taglines of “Life Is Short, Get A Divorce” and “Take Control. Get A Divorce” are visible across the Windy City. The ads feature a muscular man’s midsection and a view from the chest down of a busty woman in lingerie. These ads have helped Fetman’s family law practice garner new customers.

And that was before she revealed that the sultry model was, well, Corri Fetman. She’s proud of her practice and of her body, “I shouldn't be punished for having brains and a body." And to drive this point home, she now has a column called “Lawyer Of Love” for Playboy.com, which came with an obligatory pictorial spread. So, the 44-year old legal eagle has a lot for her scrapbook. Very few people know that she is following, almost stride for stride, in the footsteps of her legal idol, Earl Warren.

We suppose that if we were anxious to get divorced and lived in the Chicago area, we’d be willing to call Fetman. At the very least she’d probably distract our exes counsel. We imagine lots of strategically missed buttons, fingers run through hair, and, the coup de grace, the standing-hands-on-hips-lower-back-arch. We call it the rainmaker.

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