Twins Separated At Birth Are Married And Annulled

Separated at birth, twins fell in love, got married, and the annulled.

A British couple was recently granted an annulment on grounds that they were related. It turns out that they were fraternal twins separated at birth. Whew. Good thing that they nipped this one before it was time to have kids.


According to a British paper, The Metro, a couple recently received an annulment because they were unwittingly related. The couple, whose names will remain safely anonymous, is twins separated at birth. They met and fell in love. No word as to what made them realize that they are related.

We’re not sure if blood tests are required in the UK or not, but if these kind of mistaken identity cases persist, they should be.

There was a Chris Klein (former boyfriend Katie Holmes, starred in American Pie) movie called Say It Isn’t So that had a similar plot. It was like a two-hour version of Three’s Company, you know, lots of misunderstandings. Not to talk out of school, but we’re pretty sure that Chris Klein and Heather Graham ended up not being related but it was fairly touch-and-go.

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