Hawaii Sending Most Romantic Man To New York

Hawaii Sending Most Romantic Man To New York

As part of their Romance Fest, Hawaii is finding the most romantic men.

First of all, we will start spelling “Hawaii” as “Hawai’i.” The Hawai’i Romance Festival is coming up and they have great soul singers Aaron Neville, Gladys Knight, and Smokey Robinson headlining. And in order to drum up a little user participation, the Romance Fest in conjunction with The Honolulu Observer and a local radio station, KGMB 9, are sponsoring Hawai'i's Most Romantic Men Contest.

They’re asking that people write a letter describing a romantic man (husband, ‘boyf,’ son, self, etc.). The winning man (and letter writer) will win a free trip to New York City.

Something struck us as odd here. They are sending someone from Hawai’i… to New York… as a reward… for romance. Don’t get us wrong, NY the C is a great place to visit and live. And it’s fairly romantic. But is it really a reward to send a romantic Hawai’ian there? If they’re already traveling all that way to the mainland, they could find something better. Unfortunately, the Hawai’i’s football team lost a heartbreaking game in New Orleans a few weeks ago. So that’s out. Check out Tango’s list of most romantic US cities. Unfortunately, it disagrees with us about New York. Fine, enjoy New York, romantic Hawai’ians. Or maybe a few very smart Hawai'ian men got together and figured out a way to get the most romantic men out of their way. Well, if you see a tanned fellow playing the uke on the subway you'll know for sure.