Tracy Morgan Getting Divorced

Tracy Morgan Getting Divorced

The actor and wife had been together 20 years.

It looks like comedy superstar Tracy Morgan is splitting with his wife of twenty years, Sabina. The couple has had three children together.

Supposedly, the split between the Morgans was in part due to Tracy’ drinking, which he’s able to do now that his SCRAM anklet has been removed. Those SCRAM devices are really becoming a Hollywood rite of passage. And it looks like Mischa Barton is all set to join the in-crowd. We digress. We imagine that it’s got to be tough to be married to a bombastic performer like Tracy Morgan. Though he says differently, it has been said that his 30 Rock character, Tracy Jordan, is not a huge departure from real-life Tracy. Uh, that would put a strain on pretty much any relationship, friendship, business partnership, or any other ship. Maybe the moral of last night’s episode of 30 Rock is true. Maybe it’s not possible to be at the top of any profession and maintain successful interpersonal relationships. We would like to think that it is totally possible; but requires planning and copious levels of communication.

We hope that a young NBC page (with an eye patch) can pretend to seduce Sabina and get Tracy to fight for her. Especially, if he pretends to be ‘a real good sex person.’ A person that ‘does it all the different ways.’ This may mean the best piece of advice on being a good husband that we’ve ever heard is false: Be a good listener, be a giver of gifts, and work that vajayjay. Just because it didn’t work in his case doesn’t make it bad advice.

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