The Relationship Points System?

The Relationship Points System?

According to I. Glebe, points are very important to a relationship. Women have them, men need them. He goes on to say that unbeknownst to men, women are keeping score of everything, from taking out the trash (10 points) to taking out the trash without being reminded (100 points) to forgetting your mother’s birthday (-3,000 points).

And just who is this “I. Glebe”? He’s the author of the new book, Points: Women Have Them Men Need Them, The Relationship Survival Guide for People Who Don’t Like Relationship Survival Guides, due out this month. And he might be on to something.

I can't say that most women would admit to keeping score, but some of the scenarios might sound familiar. If not a somewhat useful guidebook for the man in your life, Points is at least a witty, honest look at relationships and an attempt at breaking them down to core values. It is Tango endorsed for its humor and candor. Go out a buy a copy and leave it on the coffee table. 20 points if he picks it up and flips through it. (200 if he actually reads a chapter.)

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