UK: Male Sex Addictions On The Rise


And the leading culprit is online pornography.


“When are people going to learn that computer porn is a hobby not a compulsion?” “We can quit any time we want”. “It’s just a little bit of sex action, no one’s getting hurt.” “Come on, it’s recreational use, not an every day thing. We’re not addicts.” “We learned it from watching you, dad. We learned it from watching you.” Those are our stock answers from any Internet porn intervention that we’ve been ‘part of.’

The genesis of this is a survey of therapists by the BBC in which ‘sex addiction’ is called a problem. It’s a little tough to make heads or tails of these surveys, particularly when only 43 therapists are polled. But other sources seem to corroborate the story that compulsive sex behavior is on the rise. And in some extreme cases jeopardizing careers and relationships. The number one culprit? Interweb sex pornos. The availability and ease of the internet has ‘accelerated’ a number of marginal cases into full blown (or not blown) sex addiction. It must be awfully lonely up there, looking down and judging everyone.

Evidently, some dudes surf the web for skin flicks up to 8 hours per day. That may be a bit obsessive for an adult, but probably right in line for a teenager. We blame hippie parents and their ‘if it feels good, do it’ attitude. And though a lot of people probably see it as an extension of free (reasonably priced) love, computer porn satyriasis is no laughing matter. If you don't get the help you need here, get it somewhere.

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