Pamela Anderson Divorcing And Pregnant

Pamela Anderson Divorcing And Pregnant

The honeymoon may be over for this "It" couple. But they still have "It."

Yow. TMZ had exclusive late last night that Pamela Anderson’s divorce to Rick Salomon was back on. And that he ascribed her erratic behavior to having a tiny human growing inside of her.

These two have been through a lot together in the relatively short time that they’ve been romantically involved (6 – 7 months, give or take). They began “dating” to pay off a gambling debt. They got married between Vegas shows that she was in (Dish on that one), there was the “awful” Kid Rock – Tommy Lee melee, there were rumors of a reality show (Dish on that one), and a divorce decree cum reconciliation (Dished that one too). And now this. We’ll see if this is the end of this saga. But honestly, with this Writers Strike continuing, aren’t we begging (in part) for these two crazy kids to put a nice little sex tape together? For the sake of old times? Maybe a quick one, nothing fancy, no night vision, no yachts. Just a couple of kids that don’t care who they embarrass. Anyone?

Check out more from TMZ on this divorce business…

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