Are Adrian Grenier And Lindsay Lohan An Item?

Are Adrian Grenier And Lindsay Lohan An Item?

Is the Entourage star following Georgia Rules?

According to and their nebulous ‘sources,’ Adrian Grenier and Lindsay Lohan are spending a lot of time together and possibly performing Orchestral Maneuvers In the Dark. This is somewhere between hard to believe and completely reasonable. Adrian Grenier is a cool dude. And we’re pretty sure that the line between Vince Chase and Adrian Grenier gets a little blurry at times but this is crazy news, if true. Lindsay Lohan has had some pretty high profile meet-ups (conquests) but this would have to be toward the top of her ‘boyf’ list.

But maybe everyone is missing the whole point. Supposedly, when he was spending tons of time with Paris Hilton (check that Dish out), he was just interested in what she had going on. Her story. Is it possible he’s taking the same angle on LL? Is he such a consummate professional that he’s trying to make Vincent Chase more real by figuring out what makes celebutantes and A-List party animals tick. Is Vinny Chase going to have a drug problem or stint in jail or rehab in this season of Entourage? If Vince Chase had to gain 40 lbs to play Pablo Escobar then Adrian Grenier can spend a few nights in upscale hotels with Hollywood hotties to round out Vincent Chase. It’s called the method, kids. And he’s serious about it.

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