Steve's Relationship Resolutions


Pauline asked me to create a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions.  Then she asked if she could post it on her blog.  Relationship resolutions…on a deadline…(groan) really?

Well, Men, it turns out that it’s not really as difficult as you might think.  I took a look at my wife’s list (see her blog from last week) and discovered more than one would be on a list of mine, too.  Nice work, Pauline!  I also observed that the list could benefit from a clear regrouping of items with and a few important additions of mine, so here we go…

Steve’s Ten New Years Relationship Resolutions

1)  Be naked more.  Right on… because my wife looks fantastic in the buff and I’m looking pretty good, too.  People, take advantage of the Health Insurance rebates for regular gym workouts.

2)  Kiss and make out more often.  While it may, it doesn’t need to lead to other flights of fancy.  This can be its very own erotic communication.

3)  Have sex even when tired… at least sometimes.   Perfect.  Both of us can benefit from this thought.  Sometimes I’m thinking… a nap… or sex?  Well, a nap just sounds so… restful!  See #2.

4)   Acknowledge (see #2) the efforts my spouse is making on my behalf.

5)  Don’t take any of the relationship b.s. personally.  IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.  See #2 and take a nap.

6) Be aware of my wife’s mood/feelings and act accordingly.  This is a modification of think before you act AND think all you say but don’t say all you think.

7) Do nice things for my spouse on a regular basis.

8) Discover my local and state park system, pay the $10 yearly fee and take regular long walks.

9) Date my darling more often.  Asking my wife for a date is very romantic.  See #2.

10) Dream together.  Dream often.  Dream Love.

(Thanks, Steve!  Love – YW)