Jessica Simpson Out For Sunday’s Cowboys-Giants Game

Jessica Simpson Out For Sunday’s Cowboys-Giants Game

The Simpson is out working on an album.

The pop princess and girlf of Cowboys quarterback will be out for Sunday’s game against the Giants. This news is being reported basically everywhere. No word on the nature of the injury, the Cowboys just list her as “Out.” And most Cowboys fans list her as “Questionable.”

Evidently, her presence at the Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles caused Tony Romo to have her worst game of the season (see that Dish). And Terrell Owens (“Yeah, this TO”) joked about her staying away from the next Cowboys game (see that Dish). So, in reaction to the pressure, she’s staying away from the next game but watching from the studio. We say studio because her “people” say that she’s missing the game due to a busy recording schedule. No one really mentioned that the Cowboys have been mailing in every game since that big win against the Packers. They just talk about a certain tiny, top-heavy songstress that makes Tony Romo throw the ball to the other team.

Maybe he is a little distracted. This is only his second year of being a mega superstar and all and he could still be a little overwhelmed. And we’ve all been distracted by a certain someone in the audience. Sometimes it’s the guy/girl that you like, sometimes it’s those seniors on the sideline waiting to paddle you, sometimes it’s a scout from the Yankees offering to take you out of this one-horse town, and sometimes it’s that deadbeat dad that you haven’t seen since he left for a pack of smokes after your eighth birthday. We’re not saying that Jessica Simpson is implicitly to blame for Romo’s worst game ever. But he needs to find some composure because you know that if the Boys make it to the Super Bowl that she’s not going to mysteriously get called to do a signing for the collector’s edition of Dukes Of Hazzard. Sure, that Stifler guy might.

We wonder why this is never a problem for Giselle and Tom Brady. Is it that he is the coolest guy that ever lived? Honestly, what person could play for a Boston sports team and wear a Yankees cap with impunity? We’re pretty sure that even Larry Bird couldn’t have gotten away with that. Is it that she probably doesn’t care about football? “Hah, you call that silly game football? Clearly you have not seen the World Cup or have had a man like the great Pele tell you, ‘Hey, you looking nice.’ Futbol is the only sport. Everything else is a game.” So she might be at his games. But you won’t catch Giselle cheering and you won’t catch Tom Brady getting distracted. In their minds, there is nothing to cheer for, the only thing that’s acceptable is perfection.