Study: Smoking Can Lead To Impotence

Study: Smoking Can Lead To Impotence

A study has shown a correlation by smoking volume and impotence.

Recent research has shown that smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction. A study of 8,000 Australian men showed that smoking more than a pack a day can lead to a 40% increase in likelihood of impotence. And smoking (but less than a pack per day) can boost ED by 24%. It works in three ways: restricting blood flow, damaging nerves, or changing hormone balance.

This has to be the biggest winner for the anti-tobacco crowd ever (quick caveat this thing was completed for a publication called Tobacco Control). The only way this could get better is if there was some way to proves some correlation between whether or not a man was impotent and if his wife smoked. “Our studies have found that smoking has made you look older and your husband can no longer get it for you. Thanks a lot.”

The only good news is that Cialis is now OK to use every day (check out that Dish).
We wonder what people are going to do after copulating now. We suppose if you’re healthy enough to get it on you can probably afford one post-coitus smoke.
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