Ayy! James Gandolfini Is Engaged

Ayy! James Gandolfini Is Engaged

James Gandolfini proposed to Deborah Lin in the Bahamas during the holidays.

Sopranos star, and all around good fella, James Gandolfini is engaged to longtime goomah Deborah Lin. Sure goomah usually means girlfriend on the side in Mafioso (or Italian, we’re not sure), but we’re not sure if there is a regular term for girlf.

We’re glad that he can move on. It must have been tough for him to see Carm with that Jack Donaghy guy from General Electric.

This will be an interesting wedding. We wonder if it’s even possible for some of the actors to get out of character at an event like this. We picture Michael Imperioli needing trying to score some smack from one of the caterers. And Joe Pantoliono begging Deborah Lin’s father for a favor, “On this, the day of your daughter’s wedding, grant me this one favor, Don Lin.” “Ton, the stugots on this guy. I just gave a bridesmaid the Ralphie Treament, Ton. I gotta get outta here.”

Annnnnnnd end scene.

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