Dawning of a New Era


This president doesn't hide his girlfriend!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been making headlines with less of his political moves and more of his personal ones these days, and he is the first to come clean on his romantic ties to model/singer Carla Bruni.

Says USAToday.com:

“Sarkozy said he wanted to break with a long tradition of French leaders keeping their love lives secret, with the media's tacit accord. He alluded to late former French President Francois Mitterrand, who kept the existence of a mistress and illegitimate daughter a secret for most of his 1981-95 presidency.
Sarkozy pointed out that journalists felt comfortable asking him questions they had never dared to ask his predecessors.
‘I have been a part of a break with a deplorable tradition in our country: hypocrisy and lies,’ Sarkozy said.
Without mentioning Mitterrand's name, Sarkozy mentioned another president who took a trip to Egypt ‘in a presidential plane’ with a second family.
‘Everyone knew about it and nobody talked about it,’ Sarkozy said. ‘Carla and I have decided not to lie.’”

Gone are the days of mistresses, secret rendezvous, and mysterious second families…Gotta respect his honesty.

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