Transformation By Rhinovirus


You guys, I have been mega-sick. Not like hospital sick but lying on the couch wanting to die while half-watching that BBC show where the lady yells at fat people for eating too many chips sick. If you’re like me, you get this sick about once a year. I succumbed on New Year’s Eve, which was sucky, and finally emerged from a cloud of Dayquil and mucus yesterday.

I’m still pretty stuffy and hacking up some disgusting fluid (you’re welcome, I knew you were curious) but at least I feel like a person again. And, like always, emerging from a cold, everything feels awesome. Does anyone else get this? After a few days of barely being able to shuffle to kitchen to refill my water glass, it is amazing and wonderful that I can do things again.

Like holy crap! Food tastes like something! I can smell things! I have friends and I’m can go out and hang out with them! I can go to the gym! I can concentrate on things for longer than thirty seconds without needing a nap! The world is full of possibility.

Usually this bright-eyed sense of wonder fades in a few days, along with the memory of the cold and the scabby bits under my nose from wiping at it too often. What’s funny, though, is the extent to which this cold coincided with the new year. Even though it’s completely illogical, I feel sort of reborn and unfoundedly optimistic about the future.
I’ve never really been one to go in for New Year’s resolutions. I mean, if you were serious about doing something, you would have done it in September or July or whenever it occurred to you that you wanted to do it. A month of eating steamed broccoli followed by eleven months of slow backslide into a thrice-weekly Wendy’s routine? You’re not fooling anyone with that kind of garbage, person I invented to feel superior to.

I was talking to my friend Jenny at work, and she said she’s only ever made one resolution, but that she’d kept it, and that was to start flossing. Which, it’s funny, I just up and started flossing once a week before a dentist appointment in the hopes of mitigating six years of lazy tooth care and have done it ever since. So maybe flossing is just that sort of thing?

Anyway, my point is that while normally I am highly skeptical of people claiming that the annual rollover will find them changed in some way, because of this coincidental illness, I feel like I could get some really cool things done this year. On this one blog I read about personal finance, which is sort of goofy but sweet and useful for finance things, the guy wrote about making goals for the new year rather than resolutions.

Which is the sort of self help/corporate/lame stuff that I am traditionally most resistant to, but I dunno, maybe it’s the lingering effects of the cold medicine but I’ve been feeling sort of hippy dippy lately. Maybe I’m softening with age. Whatever. Between that guy and the fact that I go to yoga now (and even listen to the new age ridiculousness the teacher always talks about) I’ve become some kind of Californian. Hey, man, don’t judge.

But so I did it. I made a sort of list of goals for the year, on a little yellow sticky note. Make fun of me if you must. Maybe my excitement will be quickly eroded by the grinding depression of 4 pm sunsets and sub-freezing temperatures and I’ll read this and make fun of myself later. Even so, I hope that I can do at least some of the things on my little list. Goals! I have them now. I can also smell things. Watch out, world.