Cecilia Sarkozy Writing Tell-All Book

Cecilia Sarkozy Writing Tell-All Book

The recently divorced wife of the French President has a lot to say.

Just when everything was busy coming up roses for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, his ex-wife Cecilia is penning a memoir. This one is primarily dealing with the difficult later years of their relationship.

This is the second attempt for Cecilia to publish a book about her relationship with the current French Prez. That last gambit ended when Sarkozy demanded that the publisher destroy the entire print run.

And his political rivals are not reacting much better. He’s been chastised by other politicians for allegedly using his whirlwind romance with Carla Bruni to screen France’s continued economic problems. And Segolene Royal, his opponent in the last election, said that he is “undermining the dignity” of his role.

Whoa. We thought that the French were a lot cooler about these things. You know, insouciant. We didn’t figure that a country that championed epicurean ideals and a 35-hour workweek would kirk-out like this. Oh well and if it ever sees the light of day, the former Mrs. Sarkozy’s book is going to be a humdinger. Just a taste, the two met when Mr. Sarkozy presided over Cecilia’s first wedding in 1984. And in 2005, while in New York with a lover, Cecilia accused Nicolas of being unfaithful to her. Awesome. And French.

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