Scott Baio Can’t Reveal His Baby’s Name, Legally

Scott Baio is ready for season two of his reality show with wife and baby.

Scott Baio is getting ready to follow up his VH1 show, Scott Baio Is 45… And Single with Scott Baio Is 46… And Pregnant. Very clever. If you recall, Scotty B decided to suck it up and get married after 45 years of bachelorhood. The season finale had him together with his girlfriend Renee Sloan agreeing to tie the knot. And then she dropped the bombshell that she had a little Baio on board. They had the baby in early November and have a name picked out and everything. Unfortunately, VH1 is keeping that name under wraps.

So the new show picks up with Scott getting ready for the wedding and goes right through the new baby. Ostensibly with the new name being revealed. This franchise has some legs. Next year, God willing, we’ll have Scott Baio Is 47… And Teething. And keep the show going on to Scott Baio Is 55… And Coaching Little League all the way on to Scott Baio Is 65… And Going To College. Someone really needs to end this writers’ strike. The government is going to have to step in soon if this keeps up. To be fair, Baio had one amazing piece of advice that eludes a lot of dudes. To paraphrase, he had to stop looking for the next best thing and just concentrate on the best thing that you have. It’s not quite “if you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with”, but well said, Scott Baio.

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