Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban To Have A Baby

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban To Have A Baby

The Kidman and Urban have been rumored to be trying for months.

The Urban Legend. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman appear ready to have a baby. And so by ‘Urban Legend’ we mean both rumor and the prospect of Keith Urban leaving a legacy of children behind. It’s called a ‘play on words.’ And The New York Post thinks they have a monopoly on it.

So after a couple of miscarriages with Tom Cruise, the Queen of Australia is back on track. What an incredible ride for these two? She’s had fertility issues, a weird and painful divorce, and he’s had substance abuse problems. And now they’re having a baby. Good times. She says she plans on cutting back on the filmmaking and touring a bit with Keith Urban’s country music express. No word on if she plans on playing the tambourine or not.

In all honesty, we don’t know much about Urban outside of his country music, long-haired majesty, and problems with booze. We decided to look into it. We assumed that a country music musician was American. Nope. And then we figured he was Australian because of his commitment to raising an Aussie kid. Not the case. He was born in New Zealand. And he has 16 top ten music hits. And dated Niki Taylor on and off for a couple of years. Hmm. Interesting.

This whole thing is coming pretty fast. We always thought of her split with Cruise as a parallel to Henry’s split with Katherine and subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn. You know, this superstar wanted to leave a child behind to take his place in some hierarchy and his wife can’t get the job done. So his people seek out a younger model to help him sire an heir. They offer her a bunch of great perks. And then that’s that. But now that Nicole is having a baby our thinking is a little discombobulated. And we read that there are conspiracy theorists out there that claim that Suri Cruise may not be Tom’s. To be fair they also claim that she is an alien. So those people are probably not on the right track. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the right time for either Cruise or Kidman and wish everyone the best of luck. OK?

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