A New Sexual Revolution In Argentina

Argentine women are leading social, political and sexual revolutions.

According to the Miami Herald, there is a new sexual revolution in Argentina. And Argentina is home of the tango and because our brand is about love and relationships, we decided it was worth a look.

First of all, the election of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (wife of former president Nestor Kirchner) over Elisa Carrio did not happen in a vacuum. During Argentina’s ‘troubled times’ of military dictatorship and economic woes, women were instrumental in keeping the faith.

And so now, according to the article, they’re becoming more sexually dominant. We’re probably not talking about whips and chains (though they could be involved). But these women are becoming sexually assertive and even aggressive. Of a famous café it is said, “At Moria Restó y +, men are welcome but generally don't go alone or in packs.” So now Buenos Aires is like a permanent bachelorette party. Good times. We wonder how often guys are asked to go to the bathroom and bring back their underwear. Do Argentine guys even wear underpants?

Anyone who has read 100 Years Of Solitude probably could have seen this coming. Before any major battle Argentine women attempted to seduce (for procreational purposes) and sometimes murder Colonel Aureliano Buendía. If that’s not a parallel between literature and real life, then we’ve never seen one. Let’s just hope that this whole thing doesn’t end with the a baby born with a pig’s tail and whole country being swept away by wind.

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