Romp Rooms

Romp Rooms

We may never out-fetish Tokyo’s love hotels—the Hello Kitty boudoir is just not meant for export—but Stateside hospitality is getting hotter. DO NOT DISTURB signs are making a comeback as hotels roll out sexy amenities designed to spice up your stay.

Hotel Diva, San Francisco
This boutique hotel’s Romance & Raunch package gives new meaning to R&R. Enjoy champagne, sexy movie rentals, and a Victoria’s Secret gift card. Just what we’d expect from the city of free love., starting at $169 per night.

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas
The Palms’ Erotic Suite deal offers a steamy “Show Shower,” rotating bed, mirrored ceiling, and even a stripper pole. Don’t be afraid to get exotic—what happens in Vegas …, $3,000 per night Sunday-Thursday; $4,000 Friday-Saturday.

Night Hotel, New York City
In the city that never sleeps, you won’t catch a wink, either. This hotel’s Naughty and Night package comes with black fur handcuffs, a riding whip, and chocolate truffles., $450 per night.

W Hotels, worldwide
Its Feel the Wuv special promises Vosges Haut-Chocolat bon-bons, Jimmyjane massage lotions, and “Passioneers”—romance concierges who track down any erotica you desire—making going outdoors unnecessary., $229 per night.

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