Tango's Best of the Best

Tango's Best of the Best


In the interest of keeping your new year bright and romantically optimistic, Tango’s amassed the top 2007 break-up stories to learn from, make-up tales to inspire and the most titillating love lessons of the year. Want to be the resident sexpert in ’08? Or just have juiciest gossip at the water cooler? Check out our round ups of the stories that spawned the most buzz.

The Best of the Daily Dish: Covering everything from celebrity divorces to appalling parenting techniques (we should’ve just called this list ‘The Best of Britney’) – indulge, cringe, and just be thankful it’s not your life.

The Best of Sex 2007: Here’s one topic you can never know too much about. With some help from a slew of acclaimed experts, Tango provides the lowdown on everything from the basics like bringing more heat to your marriage to some futuristic perspectives like rhythmically charged vibrators that can take you to the next level.

Tango’s Top 10 Trends of 2007: Geeks the New Chic? Who would’ve thought? Finding and maintaining love warrants just as much creativity and innovation as any other endeavor. So just what are people doing about it out there? Here’s our list of the top relationship trends that raised eyebrows in ’07. 


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