Circumcision Does Not Alter Sexual Satisfaction


A study done on 5,000 Ugandan men, half circumcised (that is half the men were full circumcised), showed that circumcision does not affect sensitivity. Any way, men on sides of the scalpel rated their performance and satisfaction from sex. The study was conducted by Johns Hopkins University and is primarily to be used as a way to convince African men to get circumcised. It is thought that circumcision (once properly healed) can cut the chance for AIDS infection by 50%.

We’ve seen similar studies done in the past (click here to see that Dish). The tough thing about tests like this is that it is so subjective. Presently, 98.4% of the circumcised men reported satisfaction and 99.4% of the uncircumcised group reported satisfaction. Shocker (be sure to ask first), dudes like sex. It feels good. Wouldn’t it be best to conduct the same test on the same men before and after, given the same set of circumstances and also poll their partners? A few guys would have to put their faith in the science and take one for the team. And we might as well see what the ladies think too. It’s a little tough to have heterosexual sex without them.

We're a little skeptical about any studies to this regard. There is an equal number of studies on each side of the issue. It may be something that is never resolved.

Note: These scientists still haven’t figured out anything better than condoms for disease protection. Those filthy bastards need to work a little harder.

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