Younger Women Putting Careers Ahead Of Love Lives

Younger Women Putting Careers Ahead Of Love Lives

According to a study by researchers from Duke and the University of Albany (Catherine Mosher and Sharon Danoff-Burg, respectively) male undergraduates are now more likely to sacrifice career prospects for romance than females. In a survey of 237 undergrads (a small number if you ask us), 51% of the women said they would choose love over work. And 61% of the men said they would do likewise.

We did a Dish a few days ago about research that indicated women in unhappy marriages had high levels of stress whereas men derived most of their stress from work (check that one out here). So, one of two things is happening. Either younger folks are able to put aside biology and set their own priorities or they think they know what they’ll want in ten years.

The latter sounds likelier. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe this generation realizes that they are most likely going to be in a two-income family and the dudes can afford to make time with kids a priority and gals can afford to spend more time at work. Or maybe guys resent not having their dads around much as kids and ladies took having mom around for granted. Or possibly 237 people cannot possible constitute a big enough to make heads or tails of it. We do know that Michael Keaton did a hell of a job with the kids when Teri Garr went back to work in Mr. Mom.

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