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Leonardo DiCaprio Back With Bar Rafaeli?

Leonardo DiCaprio Back With Bar Rafaeli?

According to eyewitnesses, Leo (LDC) was seen making out hard with supposedly ex-‘girlf’ Bar Rafeali on New Year’s Eve. The two were guests at the Bank, a new club at the Bellagio in Vegas. They got down in the VIP room with some friends, some booze, and some champagne. This is the second time the two have been seen in close proximity since their breakup.

Good news for these two. They look good together, whatever that means. We’ve always wondered what path LDC was going to take. Would he follow the Clooney bachelor-for-life mode, settle into something slightly more stable like the Brad Pitt I’m-probably-in-over-my-head-and-have-no-exit-strategy approach, or the Matt Damon marry-a-cool-regular-chick-and-avoid-the-cameras thing? Who knows? All we know is that we’re psyched about his next team up with Martin Scorsese in Shutter Island and the forthcoming Teddy Roosevelt biopic.

Somewhere Kelly Slater is either punching a hole in a wall or trying to track down another one of Leo’s exes. Or both. We think Helena Christiansen is available.

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