The Britney Spears Freak-Out

The Britney Spears Freak-Out

According to Entertainment Tonight (and every news source on the planet) Britney Spears was hospitalized late last night (Jan 3, 2008) after an intense custody dispute. Spears and son Jaden James were taken to Cedars-Sinai in LA. A representative from the LAPD said that she appeared to be under the influence of some unknown substance. Police were called to her home in the evening because there was some issue over handing the kids back to Kevin Federline. The so-called ‘standoff’ ended a short time later with Britney and Jaden James being removed on gurneys.

You know how you usually don’t know when you’ve reached a turning point or rock bottom until a few months later when you have a bit of perspective? Well, this feels pretty close to rock bottom. In the last few days Britney’s defense team has jumped ship, she’s missed another deposition, and now this. Speaking of inflection points, we’re not even sure when the Britney Spears jokes stopped being funny. We’re guessing it was right before Sarah Silverman called her children ‘beautiful mistakes.’ This kirk-out has got to be due in some part to post-partum depression. The one bit of bright news that the Spears family has gotten is that Jamie Lynn’s show is going to air its final season. So they got going for them, which is nice.

If the Spears’s had access to a flux capacitor which moment they would go way back to? Would they go all the way back and sabotage Britney’s Mouseketeers tryouts? Would they have paid K-Fed like $4 million to stay away? We think that they would have gone back and prevented whatever she did to JT that inspired Cry Me A River. That had to be the genesis (Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel, your choice) of this mess.

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