Why Are Stars So Dishonest About Their Love Lives?

Why Are Stars So Dishonest About Their Love Lives?

Jay-Z and Beyonce claim to not be engaged despite a massive bit of shine spotted on Beyonce’s left hand (check out the pic). To be perfectly honest, we’re never sure what to believe from these two. They were super cagey about even dating. We’re not sure if they just wanted a bit of privacy or didn’t want to jinx things or what. There is even a rumor that they’ve tattooed their engagement rings on their hands. We’re not listening to any more of their duets until we start getting straight answers.

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz also claim to not be engaged. Pete Wentz also repeatedly denied dating her. And then he allegedly got blacklisted from family’s Christmas. And then there were rumors of Yoko-ism in Fall Out Boy (which were cleared up by band mates). She supposedly had some shine on her ring finger at their New Year’s Eve celebration.

Kim Kardashian is not engaged to her New Orleans Saint boyfriend Reggie Bush according to Kim Kardashian. And for no particular reason, we believe her. Maybe it’s because of the reality show. And maybe it’s because she was pretty cool about the sex tape.

In conclusion, celebrities lie about relationships. Sure, they’re entitled to some privacy and they probably get a little more pub when there’s a bit of mystery and everyone thinks is hilarious to be coy about who they’re dating. You know what? Forget it. Speculating is way more fun.