The Lustiest Airports in America

The Lustiest Airports in America
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10 cities in which you're most likely to steam up the window seat.

If you're looking for love, you might try flying to the city known for the brotherly sort—Philly—and hope for a layover. According to a new survey by Axe Deodorant, Philadelphia International Airport is part commuter hub, part hook-up joint, and tops the list of American airports where people tend to get more than a friendly nod from a gate agent. The survey attributes this airport's high "connection" rate with the longest and most frequent flight delays, but the saving grace is that idle passengers can cool their jets in one of the airport's 16 bars and seven lounges. And apparently there, they do more than Sudoku: Nearly 1 in 10 people have—or know someone who has—gone on a date with someone they've met at the airport. Herewith, the best cities for upping your odds.

  1. Philadelphia Int'l
  2. Newark Int'l
  3. New York's JFK
  4. Washington-Dulles
  5. New York's La Guardia Int'l
  6. Columbus, Ohio's Port Columbus Int'l
  7. Detroit Metropolitan
  8. Boston's Logan Int'l
  9. Dallas/Ft Worth
  10. San Francisco Int'l