Cindy Margolis Had A Hard Time Downloading A Baby

Cindy Margolis Had A Hard Time Downloading A Baby

You may remember her as an infomercial host. Or from the pages of Playboy. Or you may remember her as THE MOST DOWLOADED WOMAN ON THE INTERNET. But now she wants you to remember her as the author that helped get you pregnant. Cindy’s new book Having a Baby… When the Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working is about her quest to get pregnant and how it could have been much easier.

She’s really a pioneer. Back when she was THE MOST DOWNLOADED WOMAN ON THE INTERNET that was all she was famous for. Sure, she was in Playboy. But so was Jenny McCarthy and she was never THE MOST DOWNLOADED WOMAN ON THE INTERNET. Margolis led the way on a new sort of self-promotion, the electronic kind. We’re guessing that she paved the way, in some regard, for Tila Tequila and other marginal talents that are basically just famous for being on the interweb.

Any way, in her books she talks about trying to get pregnant with her husband Guy Starkman. She did the usually stuff like demanding sex (irrespective of his location) when she was ovulating. But nothing works. She referred to her honeymoon as a two-week sex marathon. Which we have always just called a two-week honeymoon. None of these things paid off. And she had to resort to science to get her pregnancy on. And she wants to teach other people how to do it without wasting a whole lot of time.

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And for the record, we’re not sure that sex can ever be a total waste of time. But we feel her on the practicality. It's like practicing really hard for the big game and then consistently mailing in a bad effort.