Pauline’s 10 Relationship Resolutions

Pauline’s 10 Relationship Resolutions:

-Have sex even when tired.  (At least sometimes.)
-No crying in bed because I get hurt by something Steve did/said, particularly after 11:00 pm.
-Be naked more.
-Revive the long walks we used to take.
-Don’t take it personally when Steve doesn’t want to have sex.  Remember he’s getting older, too.
-Kiss and Make-Out more often.
-No grudges (i.e. ad-nauseam self-talk about one small problem/incident until it is a huge-ass-Steve-is-a-jerk-cuz-of-this-and-this-AND-this bullshit story ALL IN MY HEAD).
-Go on more dates.
-Do nice little things for Steve daily (like write a note in morning, fill his car with gas, leave candy bar under pillow, etc…) Well, maybe 4 days per week is more realistic.
-Don’t let stupid stuff get in the way of cherishing each day with Steve. (THIS IS CORNY BUT REALLY FOLKS, DOES ANYTHING MATTER MORE THAN THIS?  Life can be short – I want to treasure what I have with Steve and my kids more than I want anything else.  I lose sight of this when mad/angry/upset/hurt, and I wish I WOULDN’T!)

Make a list of your own (please feel free to be corny/trite/pedestrian!).  Ask your spouse to make one as well (or do it together).  Read it to each other.

Happy New Year.  I hope it is a year full of much love.

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